Blade Repair

10 days
Over the course duration you will learn how to manufacture a selection of a wind turbine blades.


You will be able to competently complete processes identical to those used in factories specialising in blade production around the world. You will see the effects of common damage caused by weather erosion, stress and flex of the blade, delamination, lightning strikes and much more.

You will also learn how to identify, inspect and repair these issues to restore the blade to full efficiency. You will be able to have comprehensive chemical awareness and understand how to use industry inspecting devices, complete environmental condition reporting and use inspection reporting systems.

This course is recognised by Siemens Gamesa.

This course will give you the knowledge to become a competent blade inspection and repair technician.


By the end of the course, successful attendees will be able to:

  • Carry out industry-standard wind turbine blade repairs
  • Explain the composition of blades and the importance of the surface finish, in relation to turbine performance and efficiency
  • Demonstrate the ability to work with required chemicals and associated PPE
  • In relation to repairs and maintenance, understand the differences and safe usage of epoxy, polyester, vinyl ester, methacrylate, reinforcement materials and solvents.

Content and requirements

Theory elements (30% of overall programme)
Practical elements (70%) of overall programme

The course is broken down into 6 key sections:

  • An introduction to blade repairs
  • Types of PPE and when it is used
  • Knowledge of materials, chemicals, tools and other substances used in blade repair
  • Demonstrating your repair skills, including: basic lamination and repair, sandwich panel and repairs, blade painting, blade inspection, lightning protection systems and inspection, grinding skills, sanding, filling, surface repairs, trailing edge repairs, bond line repairs
  • Summary of previous sections and the final test
  • Evaluation and grading
Attendees must be Global Wind Industry Records Database (WINDA) registered before starting the course. This allows potential employers to verify your accreditation.

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