Fire Awareness

0.5 days
The goal of this course is to give the delegates essential knowledge and skills to help prevent fires, make appropriate judgements when there is a fire, manage an evacuation of personnel and ensure the safety of all on site.


For smaller fires or ones that can be safely handled by the delegates, we teach appropriate fire-fighting skills and the correct use of equipment.

The aim of this module is to ensure delegates can:


  • Identify the warning signs of a fire in progress, including smoke
  • Understand and follow fire evacuation procedures
  • Understand contingency plans in relation to wind turbine fires
  • Identify what could cause a fire in a wind turbine
  • Demonstrate safe use of personal fire-fighting equipment

Content and requirements

The Fire Awareness course includes five key sections:

  • How fires develop and spread
  • Potentials causes and risks of fires in wind turbines
  • Identifying the signs of fire
  • Smoke detection and emergency escape procedures
  • How to use personal fire-fighting equipment
Attendees must be Global Wind Industry Records Database (WINDA) registered before starting the course. This allows potential employers to verify your accreditation.

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