First Aid

1.5 days
The aim of this BST Module is to enable those attending to administer first aid skills correctly and safely, with particular focus on using them in the wind turbine industry/ WTG environment.


The course is a combination of practical and theory training.

Attendees completing the course will be able to:


  • Demonstrate an understanding of the importance for first aid
  • How to carry out first aid safely in accordance to ERC and local guidelines
  • Show an understanding of guidelines set out by the AHA
  • Understand and explain normal functions, the signs of symptoms of minor/major injury and illness, and appropriate first aid
  • Demonstrate in understanding of how to safely apply techniques within a wind turbine environment

Content and requirements

There are four key modules on this course:

  • Hazards present both on and offshore
  • Your responsibility as a first aider
  • Managing minor and serious incidents
  • Example scenarios and exercises
Attendees must be Global Wind Industry Records Database (WINDA) registered before starting the course. This allows potential employers to verify your accreditation.

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